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JSV is currently in the middle of two research collaborations with US-based universities -
  • IIT Kharagpur & University of California at Irvine – development of low-cost microfluidics-based diagnostic device on CD platform.
  • Centre for Bio-engineering Innovation and Design (Johns Hopkins University) – on development of a non-invasive low-cost device for measurement of haemoglobin.
Field Validation study for a prototype of Non-invasive Haemoglobin Measurement Device (Haemoglobe) By Johns Hopkins University, Centre for Bioengineering Innovations and Design(CBID) in Association with JSV Innovations.

Johns Hopkins University Centre for Bioengineering Innovations and Design (CBID) Baltimore, USA ( is a translations centre within John Hopkins School of Medicine and Engineering engaged in the design and development of new and innovative medical technologies with strong focus on low cost technologies for developing countries.

One of the innovative technologies is a non-invasive method to assess hemoglobin levels for community-based screening of anemia. Unlike traditional hemoglobin tests which require an invasive blood draw, this device, is completely non-invasive and operates very similarly to a pulse oximeter where a finger clip sensor is placed on the patient’s finger for 30-60 seconds. During this time the device shines a light through the finger and records a photoplethysmogram (PPG). The absorbance of light through the finger is influenced by the blood concentration of hemoglobin and is reflected in the PPG.

Glimpse of the Haemoglobe

The field trial of the prototype study was conducted in association with JSV Innovations over a period of 7 days. JSV Innovations has been conducting a field assessment of anemia in the local women population across 23 villages of Salboni in West Midnapore and Barhra and Suri in Birbhum, West Bengal.

Community Health Workers trained by JSV conducted the study along with the John Hopkins Team. The PPGs collected by the device and reference haemoglobin concentrations gathered by the JSV workers have been recorded in an anonymized fashion and provided to JHU investigators. Reference haemoglobin concentrations were gathered based on JSV’s existing approved protocol.

Total 235 women from Salboni and 103 women from Barhra voluntarily took part in the field study with prior consent IRB clearance which was obtained from Jadavpur University and Johns Hopkins University.