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The founders of JSV innovations have a rich cumulative experience from their last 15 years of work in West Bengal. A brief outline follows.
Dr. Satadal Saha was one of the founders & Managing Director of Westbank Hospital - established in 1998, the first major private healthcare investment in economically underdeveloped Panchayat area; a strong brand even as the hospital provided speciality & super-speciality treatment to the masses at an affordable cost, in a sustainable manner;
Dr. Vijaykumar, another co-founder, led the development of Neurosurgical services at the hospital.
As Whole-time Director & CEO of Jubilant First Trust Healthcare Ltd, Dr. Saha undertook the following projects -
Rabindranath Thakur Diagnostic & Medical Care Centre, Berhampore, a 50-bed hospital in Berhampore, Murshidabad set up in 2005. It is the first PPP project in the district of Murshidabad, successful and sustainable. It provides advanced clinical care at low costs for lower income groups.
Kalpataru Hospital, taken over as an underperforming hospital in 2006 and through further investment and proper management, was turned into a profitable venture by 2009; an example of a brownfield project.
Jubilant Kalpataru Hospital, Barasat was established in 2009. It is the first in the line of hospitals with superspeciality services, in the district of 24-Parganas (N).
A membership scheme was launched in Barasat (West Bengal), which ensured night-time home medical support, through a team of doctors & paramedics equipped with ambulance, diagnostic devices and a mobile pharmacy at a very low cost. The idea was immediately successful and has delivered consistent results.
A group of poor but literate women from the community at Barasat were trained in health skills and knowledge, to subsequently work in the community as well as the hospital, as part-time health workers – Dr. Jaydip Bhaumik led this particular initiative.