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JSV has set up a comprehensive rural healthcare model at Salboni in the district of West Midnapore in West Bengal. The initiative is sponsored by JSW Bengal Steel Ltd., through its CSR initiative.

We call it the "3T Approach" - Treatment, Training & Technology

Salboni Health Camp Video

JSV is planning to replicate similar rural healthcare models across other parts of India in partnership with various corporate bodies who are willing to allocate resources under CSR budget.
Benefits to the Sponsor Organisation:
  • Better quality service to beneficiaries, as service design and implementation is by a group with core competence in rural healthcare and technology.
  • Sustainable Goodwill for the Sponsor Company, arising out of a comprehensive programme that includes healthcare, capacity-building in the community and public health improvement.
  • Positivity created goes a long way to enable easier local environment management by the Sponsor Company (eg. land acquisition).
  • Efficient spending of financial resources of the Sponsor Company, as a professional organisation takes charge of design and implementation of the entire programme.
  • Higher benefit to cost ratio, as high-end resource costs of the implementation group gets shared with other sponsor companies.