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Globally, as well as in India, a large number of people have limited or no access to healthcare. There is a price-barrier even where it is available. Current levels of investment in health education, awareness and prevention is not enough. As a result, the burden of disease accumulates in the society and overall health standards fail to improve. Attempts at cost-reduction within the prevailing mindset and technology-delivery matrix will not work; not to the extent that makes health available to the larger sections of the society. The way forward is through innovations - Innovations in planning, delivery, quality and technology; and finally, designing sustainable models of community-centric care.
At JSV, that’s our vision statement. We have created a collaborative platform and nurtured a pool of innovative thinkers who have the courage to imagine and implement ideas against convention. We push and test the limits of being ‘acceptable’, shifting the focus from ‘disease management’ to ‘health creation’.